Hypercup Entry Instructions


The overall process to compete in a HyperCup tournament is to

1) Make or join a team

2) Enter your team into a tournament

3) Schedule your qualifier match

4) Compete in the tournament

We would like to remind you that the HyperCup moderators and admins are available to assist you should you have any questions. Let’s begin.


Step 1: Making or joining a team.

To compete in a HyperCup tournament, you need to be on a HyperCup team. If you are looking to find a team, post a message in the `#recruiting` channel of the HyperCup discord so captains know you’re up for grabs. You can also start your own team if you please, by asking for the captain role in the discord, and writing your 5-12 players in the `#rosters` and `#roster-changes` channels of the discords. For more information about the rules for teams, and all rules in general, please see the `#rules` channel in the discord.


Step 2: Entering a Tournament

About Tournaments

In HyperCup, you get to choose which tournaments you enter. Some are totally for fun, while others contribute toward the big finale tournament at the end of the season. Winning any of the five qualifier tournaments will earn you a spot in the final tournament.

To enter a tournament, ensure you have followed step 1 and have a team. Please note that for charity tournaments, you can enter multiple teams into the tournament, as long as the list of players is unique for each.

Tournaments are generally just one map, with a set list of mutators if there are any. Additionally, all tournaments are 5v5, unless written otherwise. You can find the details of which tournaments are where on the schedule posted in the `#rules` channel of the discord.

How to Sign-Up

As competing in tournaments is not mandatory, your team must sign up for the tournaments you want to participate in. The sign-up for the current tournament can always be found in the `#sign-up` channel of the discord.


Step 3: Qualifiers

After signing up, your team must wait for the matchups to be released. If there are more than 8 teams in the tournament, there will be a qualifier round to reduce the number of teams to 8. You have between the day the matchups are released, generally a Wednesday, and Friday at midnight EST to play your qualifier match. You additionally must record your qualifier match if it is not streamed to the HyperCup youtube channel.


Step 4: Competing in Tournament

If your team successfully passes qualifiers, you will be competing in that tournament’s main event. All tournaments start at 5 pm EST on a Saturday. Two games run simultaneously, with one caster per server. The players are to make the lobby ahead of time with the given password, and the caster will join the lobby to cast. All of this will be facilitated via discord. You can consult the bracket for that tourney to see which lobbies are played when, so you always know where your next game will be. Please also note that the passwords for the lobbies will be consistent and shared ahead of time, so you won’t have any trouble getting from your current lobby to the other, should you need to move.

All players competing in a match must be in the match 5 minutes before it begins. Failing to do so will result in a forfeit. Starting a match more than 2 minutes late from the start time will also result in a forfeit. To avoid forfeits, and to give your teammates time to get in, we recommend creating the server for your match 15 minutes before the match’s scheduled time.

For some concrete numbers, if the match is scheduled to start at 5 pm EST, you probably want to make the server at 4:45 pm EST, and you absolutely must be in the game by 4:55 pm EST. Failing to have all 5 of your players by that time will result in a forfeit for your team. Once you’re all in, you have until 5:02 pm EST to start the match. Failing to start the match will also result in a forfeit for your team.

No map in Hyper Dash can take more than 24 minutes, so games are scheduled to run every 30 minutes. This means after your game at 5 pm EST, your next game is at 5:30 pm EST.

Being in the lobby before the game starts is called “checking-in”, and we will use the discord to help make this process as smooth and easy for you and your team as possible. In the event of considerable overtimes from both teams, being in a current game counts as checking in.