Hyper Cup  Season Rules

– No Glitch Abuse
– No Cheating

‘All team members playing in the match must check in before a match begins or the team forfeits,’
‘specifics below’

– tournaments may take place over one (≤ 8 teams) or two days (>8 teams), depending on the total number of teams.
– registration closes 48 hours prior to Day 1 start time.

– Day 1 Deadline Friday 11:59 PM EST – Qualifiers (> 8 Teams) or Top 8 (≤ 8 Teams)
– Day 2 Saturday 5:00 PM EST – Top 8 (If >8 Teams And Qualifiers Were Completed)

Hyper Cup Teams

– maximum of 12 players per team

‘charity events will allow multiple entries from one team’
– example one team of 12 players can form two teams, and even part of a third, for charity events.
– points for charity events are from participation
+ each player in the charity tournament receives a “point” for their team
+ point values may vary per tournament

Hyper Cup Matches

– maps are pre-determined and can be found in the schedule.
– matches are 5 v 5 unless explicitly stated in the schedule.
– no restarts, if a player drops after checkin and it is 5:01 the game must start 4 v 5
+ dropped player may enter back in when the game allows

‘Any team without a full count for team members by 5 minutes prior to the start of the match forfeits that round and the other team moves on.’
‘This includes the final round!’

‘Games not started within 2 min of the designated start time will be considered forfeits’
– it should be obvious of whom the offending team is.
– if both teams are in violation, then double forfeit

– a common password will be used for specific lobbies so casters can easily migrate through matches.
+ Do Not share the password outside of your team.

‘Anyone caught using a drone in a match other than a caster is an automatic ban from the league.’


Dash Mountain Rules

  • There will be one king of the hill
  • To become king of the hill you must beat the current king of the hill in a 1v1
  • The king of the hill must accept a challenge within 1 week of their last fight
  • All players will start on tier 0
  • Players move up a tier by winning a challenge with another player on their same tier
  • Players move down tier by losing a challenge with a player on their same tier
  • Only a player in the top tier at the time can challenge the king of the hill
  • All challenges must be made in the #challenges channel
  • Challenges must be casted or recorded to count
  • Challenges must be approved by a board member who will assign a map
  • Server is mutually agreed on, if agreement can not be made, most middle server will be used
  • First to 10 kills wins, must win by 2
  • If the king loses they are awarded the level of the player who beat them
  • If they king successfully defends their title 5 times in a row they are inscribed in the hall-of-champions



APAC Season Rules

  1. Teams are allocated by the ‘cup-admin’ team. With the goal of making them as even as possible from our knowledge of you all as players.
  2. Additional players before the determined ‘roster lock’ date will be assigned again by the ‘cup-admin’ team again in an effort to produce as even a competition as possible.
  3. No team switching is permitted in this season unless advised by the Cup admin team.
  4. New tournament players must first be approved by the ‘cup-admin’ team
  5. A player may only be rostered on to 1 APAC Cup team at a time, if a player is found to be violating this or playing under a different name in a cup game, the player and/or team will be penalised.
  6. All players must adhere to the Dash League code of conduct to be able to participate in this tournament.

Violations of this code of conduct will result in penalties as decided by the ‘Cup Admin’ team.


APAC Match Rules

  1. Each match will consist of two assigned maps and an assigned tie-break map if required.
  2. There is a maximum 10 minute buffer period before the first map to allow for players to arrive & strategise, strategising is to be done in the lobby meeting rooms.
  3. There is a second  maximum 10 minute buffer period in between maps to change out players and strategise. (Also a 3rd 5 minute buffer if a tie-breaker is required)
  4. Maps can proceed with less than 5 players if a team is short. (Use Easy bots to fill open slots) Matches can only be postponed with at least 24 hours notice.
  5. Although teams will have 2 co-captains in their squad. There must be a single nominated captain for each map who will have the following responsibilities:
  6. Captains must ensure that there is a video record of the game, this can either be a caster if one is available or alternatively have a player record from their point of view.
  7. Captains are expected to get their players ready and waiting in front of the lobby map choosing screen before the buffer period has expired. If a buffer period has expired an opposition captain can give the delayed team a 1 minute warning after which teams must mute each other and the map must be started.
  8. Correct starting procedure is as follows:
    1. Captains to confirm their own team is ready
    2. Captain and opposition captain to confirm each other are ready.
    3. Captains to instruct their own team to mute the opposition.
    4. If there is a scheduled streamer for this game they will need to indicate they
      are ready.
    5. Both captains may then mute each other and the captain whose server it is can start the match.
  9. In the case of a false start, teams are required to start the game with their hands raised signalling restart is required. All players will then be required to leave and rejoin the server to restart.
  10. At map conclusion players MUST NOT leave the server prior to being returned to the lobby. This should then allow team captains sufficient time to take screenshots of team scores at map conclusion. Failure to do this may result in penalty to your team.

After a match it is the captain’s responsibility to post (or confirm) results in the #match-results channel. Results must include date and time of match, teams participating, a screenshot of team scores at the end of each map, and in addition:
– For Payload maps – % completed and time remaining for both teams
– For Domination maps – Points scored for both teams and total time remaining
– For CTF maps – Points scored for both teams and total time remaining
– For Control Point maps – Total score for each team
– For Dust Park – Total score for each team, also indicate if there was a tie and the results for ‘golden point’
– For Team Deathmatch – Team scores and total time remaining.


Team Tags & Player Names

  1. There are some restrictions to be aware of for player names
  2. Players must use their official rostered name during matches.
  3. Player names and team tags are locked once the season has started.
    1. Name changes can be requested and approved on a case-by-case basis.
    2. The Cup Admin Team reserves the right to reverse a name change allowance if the name change is later found to have been problematic in some way.
  4. No names or team tags that are offensive or are copies of, trolls of, or are purposefully similar to existing names or tags are allowed.
  5. Any player name + tag must be at least 5 characters in length combined.
  6. Player names must not consist of only smaller characters, such as … ,,, — or any similar variants unapproved by the League Admin team.
  7. Player names found to somehow give an advantage will be required to be changed.
  8. Players’ names must evoke an easy to recognize call sign and may not cause confusion for casters.
  9. Members of the discord are not permitted to use clan tags of clans they are not members of.
  10. The Cup Admin team reserves the right to require any player to change their name to fit within these rules. Players that do not comply will face suspension or expulsion from the league