Match Scheduling

  1. The full season will follow the schedule found here

Maps to be played in order are scheduled as is the colour you will start as in the first map, continue play as normal after this (ie don’t manually change colours for following maps, you play whatever colour you are assigned automatically).

  1. Captains will be responsible with organising matches in accordance to the match schedule. Once a time and customer server has been agreed to this needs to be input into #match-schedules channel with a captain from both teams putting a reaction on the post to confirm their agreement. This post must include the following detail
    – Match start time, timezone & date
    – Teams playing
    – Server name
  2. Teams can postpone a match provided they can give at least 24 hours notice to the opposition AND that they are able to organise a replacement match within the same week of play. This update must immediately be added to #match-schedules  If this cannot be achieved the original game must go ahead with whatever number of players that can attend.
  3. The games can be scheduled with as little as 3 players per team, if a team cannot front 3 players then the match is either rescheduled or forfeited.
  4. Matches are expected to be played at AUNZ/APAC friendly times and if possible without conflict with existing Dash/Draft League scheduling.

Note. Maps are expected to be played in the order as scheduled. Coast must always be played first.